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XPERTIFY is now available in English & Hindi both!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Government job exams are taken in both Hindi and English languages. It is because our government jobs have posts in both languages. Hindi and English are vital in state-level employment because the work is written in both languages.

Every year Lakhs of skilled aspirants apply, some comfortable in Hindi, while others comfortable in English, so when it’s time to prepare, they get the books in their appropriate language. However, when the learning is taken online, usually there is only one language available, the English language, which becomes problematic for these candidates.

  • The candidates who don’t know English, especially reading and writing. It is a big problem for students from villages and Hindi medium education boards.

  • The candidates who have explicitly applied write the exams in Hindi. The problem arises when they come across a technical term. They are forced to search its Hindi equivalent online, which wastes their time and what if, after hours of searching, they get the wrong word or can’t find it at all. Then all the searching is gone in vain.

Their solution is a bilingual app available in both English and Hindi. Unfortunately, there are only a few apps and websites which are bilingual. But the course material should also be the latest and of good quality.

XPERTIFY was also previously only available in English, but taking the above two issues into account, our developers programmed it in the Hindi language.

So with all its features, we present to you XPERTIFY, the best site for test series and preparation for All India Government Job exams, now in Hindi and English. Plus, the XPERTIFY app is also available in both the languages, Hindi and English.

Now that you know this information, you won’t have any language problems while learning. So whether you are writing the exam in Hindi or English, get XPERTIFY and crack the exam with merit.

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