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PCS Preparation






PCS, or Provincial Clearance Service, is an exam conducted by various state bodies in the country. Each state of the union has its own eligibility criteria and tests to determine the worthy candidates to fill the vacant administrative position in the state civil service. The qualified candidates from this examination are often posted as Additional Commissioner of the State in Development, Revenue, and Executive positions. It is a high-level posting, part of the Group A state service, so one can assume that competition is fierce, and that is true. Not only do applicants have to clear prelims, but they have to be among the top percentile in the mains to get such a prestigious posting. So, it is imperative that one extensively prepare for this grueling examination and opt for the best courses for PCS preparation in India. That is precisely what you will get with XPERTIFY PCS preparation courses.


At XPERTIFY, we offer an interactive PCS preparatory course that is sure to take one’s learning experience to a whole new level. Make your learning experience a lot more fun, and say goodbye to boring test books that do not help you much in the long run. An average student, at best, has a 10% retention rate, which is abysmally low. Spending hours and hours on boring quizzes with only 10% retention will not help one get selected for PCS. This is something we at XPERTIFY are cognizant of; hence our advanced PCS preparatory course will elevate your learning skills and prepare you more efficiently for your exams. With XPERTIFY, you can gain access to hundreds of rapid tests and even previous years' questionnaires at your fingertips. And the only thing you need to do is signup for one of our many offered courses. How ready are you to unleash your full potential?

  • An interactive way to prepare for the examination course material, with guaranteed higher retention of the content

  • The course is divided into modules based on the topic as well as difficulty levels, making the learning experience more fun and exciting.

  • All the topics are covered in one place, saving one the need to invest in any other course test book or module.

  • Test Series PCS in India is part of the course allowing players to take part in rapid quizzes whenever they want

  • Ability to test themselves from anywhere and anytime using the XPERTIFY smartphone app

  • The course content is updated frequently, with new topics added, especially in the current affair section.

  • The PCS preparatory course is available in both English and Hindi language, with more languages coming in the future.

  • Encourage social learning by inviting friends to the app.

Are you ready for a new and more efficient way of learning? Then do not think for a second more and sign up for our PCS preparation course today!

Courses for PCS preparation with XPERTIFY

Benefits of XPERTIFY PCS preparatory courses

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