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Preparing for government jobs such as IAS (Indian Administrative Service) or IPS (Indian Police Service) & other UPSC exams is challenging as the competition is fierce, and you need as many resources as possible. However, getting all the content in one place is almost impossible. To help young aspirants easily prepare + crack such exams to get selected for their desired government job - XPERT TECHWARE launched XPERTIFY.

Here’s what makes it unique

Multiple courses: The app offers the Best Multiple Courses in the civil services education sector. You can enroll online in UPSC or any other Latest All India Government Job preparation plan on your mobile devices.

Courses Offered for All Subjects: The app provides 20 different levels by subject so that you can begin from your difficulty level.

Adaptive design: The app gives you harder challenges as your level increases, and it becomes easier when you need support.

Make friends: You can be friends with other users on the app and challenge them. You can even see each of your scores and have a healthy and friendly competition to become better gradually. All of it is available via the challenge mode.

Rapid quiz mode: If you think that you have practiced enough for the day, check how much you have learned with the rapid quiz mode, where you can join from multiple online rooms available. But you only have limited time to answer each question, so click the correct answer fast and collect XP points.

Join contests: We host contests from time to time too. So join them and win exciting prizes. These can also include custom gifts.

Leaderboards: You can always check your level and progress on state and national level Leaderboards. See where you stand among others and get inspired to do better.

Bonus XP points: The app has some locked premium content that helps you prepare even better. However, you can get bonus XP points that you can use to buy these features by sharing the app.

So now that you know about the XPERTIFY app, download it and start preparing for your exam. We wish you all the best.

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