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What makes a topper’s writing great?

The only thing that separates toppers from average scorers is the writing. Many things make a topper’s writing great for the UPSC. Your writing plays an important part in scoring high. That’s why you should learn how to write like a topper. So what makes a topper’s writing great? Here’s your answer.

Writing tips for the UPSC paper

Today, we will share some tips to write great in the UPSC paper. This blog will help you get high scores on your exam. The key is to impress the exam checker. That’s what you will learn here today.

Practice essays: You may think essays will give you easy marks. But you're mistaken. One of the things that make a topper’s writing great is this. They practice essay writing. Focus on the introduction, conclusion, and flow of ideas. All of these should be polished and well-written. This way, you will get the highest marks in UPSC.

The prelims matter: You should practice for the prelims. Marks here, count in the mains. A strategy is to attempt the questions where you are 100% sure. It is the best strategy for both rounds.

Mains: After clearing the prelims comes the UPSC mains. It’s like a science paper. So drawing diagrams is one thing. Side headings and introductions are essential. One of the things that make a topper’s writing great is that they make flow charts too. Finally, explain as many points of view as possible. Following this tip will help you clear the mains with high scores.

This was what makes a topper’s writing great. Want to top the UPSC this year? Then, visit our website. We have excellent Test Series for Preparation in India to help you clear any civil service examination. We also have UPSC tips to help you get better. Thank you for reading.

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