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What is something that UPSC toppers won't tell anyone?

Every UPSC topper has his secret. These are secrets UPSC Toppers don't share. But we will. This blog will tell you things that toppers keep to themselves. These tips will help you top the UPSC paper. If you are also planning to become a civil service officer this year. This article is for you. Please read till the end.

UPSC toppers’ secrets that you should know

We have collected these tips from the internet for you. These are things that UPSC toppers hide. However, they are finally out. With that being said, let’s begin the blog.

The role of optional score: The margin is high here too. It is one of the ways How to Prepare for IAS India. It is essential for your rank.

Luck matters: Hard work is key. However, luck is as equally important. It is essential for prelims, mains, and interviews. It is undeniable.

Cracked in the first attempt: Many toppers say they cleared the paper in one go. However, they don’t tell you it takes 2-3 years for preparation.

Coaching: Most toppers take coaching. However, they say it was useless. It was unfair and misleading. However, it is not true. Coaching helps you top the UPSC. They have experienced teachers. You can trust them.

Strategy comes through hard work: It is a great tip for Online UPSC Preparation for Government Jobs. There is no fixed strategy. You must work hard. Make your strategy. Because you can’t understand anyone else’s fundamentals. Your hard work will only pay off if you have unique ideas.

This concludes our blog on the things toppers don’t share. Wish to top your UPSC paper? We have great resources for you. Visit our website and learn IAS Indian Administrative Service. We can help you clear your civil service exam with top scores. Thank you for reading.

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