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Two steps to keep your child learning when schools reopen after disruptions

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic was a disaster for India. The lockdown closed many schools, and children’s education was stopped, which was a great loss for children and teachers. Why teachers, because they had no one to teach, it affected them greatly too.

Then after some time came online education, which stabilized children’s learning, but it also had a side effect. After it went on for too long, children became used to at-home learning. Going out of their house will make them sad since they find it easier to learn from home.

At present, the risk of coronavirus is less. This is because now all schools are reopening. Children now have no choice but to go to school regularly. However, it’s up to you whether they will keep learning or not. So today, we are here with two steps, just like the (two-step verification when you register online) to keep your child learning when schools reopen after disturbances. These steps are easy to perform and will work every time.

Step 1: Preparing your child for schools

Since schools are now open, it will be hard for children to return after a long break. So the first part is to prepare your child to go back to school. Here’s what you should do.

Inspiration: Your child believes in you, so only you can motivate him by telling him what things he will get back when returning to school.

A little bit daily: Since it will be a sudden change, talk to him daily about his feelings. That way, you can continue his school.

Step 2: continuing the learning

The next part is to make sure that your child learns by heart. Here’s how to do it.

No force: Let him learn at his own pace at school and at home. Soon, he will get used to it.

Rewarding: Reward him with his favorite chocolate when he does well, like completing homework on time. It will ensure that the learning never stops.

We hope you can help your child keep learning with this. With that, we conclude this article.

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