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Breaking the Myth: Clearing IAS Exam Without Classroom Coaching is Possible!

Are you tired of hearing the same old myth that clearing the IAS exam without classroom coaching is impossible? Well, it's time to break that myth! Contrary to popular belief, many candidates have successfully cleared this prestigious exam without any formal classroom coaching. In fact, self-study and online resources can be just as effective (if not more) in helping you crack the IAS exam. So let's explore how you too can prepare for the civil services examination on your own terms and succeed in achieving your dream career!

Introduction: Breaking the Myth

The IAS Exam is one of the most competitive exams in India with lakhs of aspirants vying for a spot every year. The traditional way to prepare for this exam is by enrolling in a classroom coaching institute. However, this is not the only way to prepare for the IAS Exam.

There are many aspirants who have cleared the IAS Exam without attending any classroom coaching. This is because they have used other methods of preparation like self-study, online courses, etc. which are more flexible and allow them to study at their own pace.

So, if you are an aspirant who is looking to clear the IAS Exam without attending any classroom coaching, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be breaking the myth that you need to attend coaching classes to crack the IAS Exam.

Preparation Strategies for IAS Exam

The UPSC IAS exam is one of the most competitive exams in India. Every year, lakhs of students appear for the exam with the hope of clearing it and becoming an IAS officer. While there is no denying that classroom coaching can help you in your preparation for the IAS exam, it is not the only way to prepare for the exam. In this article, we will look at some other preparation strategies that can help you crack the IAS exam without classroom coaching.

One of the most important things you need to do in your preparation for the IAS exam is to develop a sound understanding of the syllabus and pattern of the exam. You can do this by going through previous years' question papers and identifying the topics that are commonly asked in the exam. Once you have a good understanding of what to expect in the exam, you can start preparing a study plan accordingly.

Another important thing to keep in mind while preparing for the IAS exam is to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you spend more time on revising your weak areas so that you are well-prepared for all types of questions that may be asked in the exam.

Self-study is another important aspect of preparing for the IAS exam without classroom coaching. Make sure that you allocate enough time for self-study every day and stick to a regular schedule. This will help you stay focused and avoid last-minute rush before the exams.

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Online Resources to Use for IAS Exam Preparation

If you're one of the many aspirants who are looking to prepare for the IAS exam without classroom coaching, you'll be happy to know that it is indeed possible to do so. There are plenty of online resources that can help you prepare effectively for the exam. Here are some of our favourites:

1. The Hindu: This widely-read daily newspaper is a great source of current affairs and general knowledge for IAS aspirants. It also has a dedicated section for civil service exam preparation, which includes articles, tips and tricks, and mock tests.

2. XPERTIFY Mobile App: One of the best online practice platforms out there, XPERTIFY Mobile App offers comprehensive test series for upsc preparation india at all stages of their preparation. The courses are taught by experienced faculty and cover all topics relevant to the exam.

3. Civils Daily: This website is a treasure trove of information for IAS aspirants, with articles, mock tests, study materials and more. It also has a very active community where aspirants can interact with each other and discuss their preparation strategies.

4. ClearIAS App: This handy app from ClearIAS provides users with access to mock tests, study notes, revision modules and more, all in one place. It also has a handy feature that allows users to track their progress and performance over time.

5. NCERT Books: No list of IAS preparation resources would be complete without mentioning NCERT books. These

Challenges of Self Study for IAS Exam vs. Classroom Coaching

Best Practices for Clearing IAS Exam with Self Study

One of the most important things to do when self-studying for the IAS exam is to make a study plan and stick to it. Consistency is key when trying to cover such a large amount of material. Another tip is to focus on understanding the concepts rather than memorizing facts. This will help you retain the information better and be able to apply it to different situations. Additionally, make use of resources like practice exams and sample questions to test your knowledge and identify areas that need more attention. Finally, don’t forget to take breaks and give yourself some time to relax – too much stress can lead to burnout and adversely affect your performance.


Clearing IAS exam without classroom coaching is an achievable goal. With some hard work, dedication, and guidance from online resources and mentors, you can ace the exam on your own. The best part of this approach is that you save money on expensive coaching institutes but still get the same result with a little extra effort! So if you have been pondering over whether it’s possible to clear the IAS exams without enrolling in a course at a coaching institute, then go ahead and give it a try - we hope our article has helped motivate you enough to make this decision!

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