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Top strategies for state PCS exams

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Are you studying for the PCS but don't know where to start? Do you want to know how to prepare for PCS? PCS is a very competitive All India government job, and if you're going to succeed in the exam truly, you need to know how to learn the subjects properly. Owing to this concept, we bring you the best strategies for state PCS exams.

Begin with textbooks: You must know that PCS is a state board examination, so start your preparation with more focus on state board textbooks. This way, you prepare your best and get the perfect knowledge of the PCS state exam syllabus you read. A tip here is to get the latest textbook for the year. If you want recommendations, ask others who have given this exam before.

Don't skip any topic: PCS is not like your school or college exam. The state board exam is more competitive and challenging. You can be asked anything in the question papers; even a question from the minor topic you skipped can come. So the key here is to learn every subject, no matter how major or minor it is.

Always practice: It's a preparation strategy that helps you on exam day. Practicing previous year's question papers enables you to understand the format. It also allows you to increase your speed and finish your paper on time, so get as many question papers as possible. You can download them from online resources, and if you know someone who had given the exam before, you can take it from them, unless they used it as a plate to eat a Samosa. Anyway, all the best.

Focus topics: It is where you need the latest material since you can never know the state's perspective on topics like history, politics, geography, etc. Here, taking the help of previous year's candidates is always beneficial.

We hope these strategies work for you and you clear the IPS. All the best.

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