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The worrying increase in the cost of learning in India

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

How do parents cope with this?

We need the best education system for a country. The best system, not an expensive one.

With the rising education costs in India, it has become hard for financially weak families to let their children pursue higher education. The average per capita income in India is about Rs 10,500 per month whereas the cost for graduation takes more than 40,000 a year. Apart from the expense of the institution fee, books, stationery, transport, and private coaching are additional costs.

Candidates who aspire for IAS Indian Administrative Service exams find it financially burdening and taxing to pursue coaching. The exam is as such tough to crack. But with the right coaching, preparation, and hard work, it is not an impossible task. A parent's major concern is to ensure their child achieves their aspirations.

“I believe in my child’s capacity, I want them to reach the stars. I just want to be an enabler to my child’s dreams.”

The coaching for the UPSC exam is a major concern among parents. However, the actual costs vary based on the mode of coaching- online or offline. Offline classroom coaching offers a good quality of tutoring and guidance, although it costs higher compared to online coaching. And if the coaching is not in a candidate’s location, then accommodation, food, and transit will be additional expenses.

The cost of online coaching is considerably less as compared to offline, the best benefit includes the wide scope of the syllabus that can be covered. Mentoring is easy which may have been impossible otherwise because of limitations on geographic location.

Moreover, there are plenty of mock tests and preparation material available online for free or for a reasonable cost. Candidates can study and learn at their pace and when they are available. Reduction in the transit cost to and from the coaching center.

A combination of both can also be done to get wider exposure. So, choosing the right mode of coaching needs a little thought as it is important and should be well suited for your requirements.

“Work hard in silence and let success make the noise”
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