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The UPSC Ocean - Stay In The Water To Adapt Yourself

The country has 80 crore youth. They are below 35 years of age. If youth have the skill, they can change the destiny of this country. And we are laying stress on this. -PM Modi in an interview to Network18

Among the most prestigious examinations in the country, UPSC exams are attended by lakhs of people.

The examination is structured as prelims, mains, and the interview. The mains carry 86% of the total marks of 2025. The UPSC Prelims are posed to check your analytical abilities, comprising of a General aptitude test and a Civil service aptitude test.

The mains check your in-depth knowledge of subjects. The UPSC subject list includes

  1. History

  2. Geography

  3. Culture

  4. Polity

  5. Economic Development

  6. Environment

  7. Sciences

  8. Technology

  9. Ethics and the list goes on.

A candidate will have to write 9 papers out of which 7 are considered for the ranking. Two optional subjects that can be selected based on the interest of the candidate and a language of choice along with English.

Finally followed by an interview to get to know your personality. Although it seems like a tough nut to crack, it is not an impossible one. I wonder if there is a tried and tested learning method so that users can get a fruitful experience!

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