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Located Remotely? Let's try to feel some of the issues

If you are a civil service aspirant and from a backward or a remote area, there are loads of issues that could hamper your progress. Only you would understand while others will not be able to relate to those issues.

Preparing For IAS Examination

While a lot of us live in the cities and have every single facility at our disposal, this is not true in the case of aspirants from a remote or rural area. For them, even continuous electricity is a luxury.

The difficulties faced by such aspirants are too many to list.

  1. Electricity supply

  2. Lack of quality coaching

  3. Helping in household activities - not saying its bad to help family but still is something that can create a distraction.

  4. No stable internet connection, have to depend on cellular connections and data packs

  5. and etc.

All these have a significant impact on their overall performance.

Nevertheless, we do have seen instances when aspirants like these have given phenomenal performances in the actual exams. Thus, although preparing from a rural/remote area is difficult, success is subject to the efforts of the candidate in question. Preparing for IAS under such conditions is difficult but possible and solely depends on the sheer motivation of the individual. Rightly said by Swami Vivekananda:

Blows are what awaken us and help to break the dream.

At this grim hour, I must say that online education through phone and web portals is a must. These sources prove as a ray of light in the lives of these aspirants.

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