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Learning Online - Easy OR Hard?

COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the lives of millions. With schools and educational institutions being closed, 94 percent of the world’s population of students has been bearing the brunt of the situation.

I, myself a parent of a 19-year-old have seen him worried about his future and what will happen to his ambitions. He has been working day & night and trying to inch closer day by day.

However, this disruption has been a source of innovation to multiple distance learning solutions. Online education has been a relief for so many parents during these difficult times. The apprehension, a student would face before an exam has decreased due to the benefits of online learning.

A few advantages of online education are

  1. Access to expertise and content that is not easily available in their geographic location.

  2. Focused instructor and student time to help better communication and problem-solving abilities.

  3. Reduced cost due to absence of commutation.

  4. Nature proof as we may not need to use much paper and thus we are saving trees

  5. Flexibility in taking the class and repeating it for better understanding.

  6. Effectively no load on kids shoulders and thus creating a healthy posture

  7. Networking opportunities with peers across the country.

With these benefits in mind, online coaching and courses allow you to set your own learning pace to achieve a holistic education.

However, Embracing the new technologies can be overwhelming for some who have just started. The way is tough but definitely a brighter one for sure.

Online classes now a culture in Covid times, says PM
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