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How to Prepare CSAT for UPSC Prelims

Before the UPSC comes the UPSC Prelims. Therefore, preparing for CSAT for UPSC Prelims is more important. Although CSAT and General Studies I need equal focus. Generally, the CSAT is the harder paper. Therefore, it needs more preparation time. Today, we will help you with the CSAT paper for UPSC Prelims.

CSAT Preparation Guide for UPSC Prelims

This is the ultimate CSAT guide for UPSC aspirants. In this guide, you will get the 3 steps to score high in CSAT. It’s a handy article if the paper looks hard to you. With that being said. Let’s start the post.

Take CSAT seriously: Most people fail CSAT because of not taking it seriously. It is as essential as GS I. So prepare well for it. It is the first step for preparing for CSAT for UPSC Prelims. Remember, you must clear CSAT. Because even if they score high in GS 1. Some people don’t qualify for mains. So prepare well for it. The following 2 steps will tell you how.

Check yourself before preparation: Attempt last year’s CSAT paper. First, you must check your scores. High CSAT scorers can keep it aside. They can start preparations 2 months before the paper. If your score is less, don’t worry. Start immediately. Use the strategy in the next step. Follow it properly. Everything will be good.

Get a manual: Get a good CSAT manual. It will surely help you with CSAT preparation. Every Sunday, you should be preparing for CSAT for UPSC Prelims. You don’t need to learn the entire book. Practicing mock questions will do. If you are weak in CSAT, get professional coaching.

That was our guide on how to prepare for CSAT for UPSC Prelims. Hope you can now prepare well for CSAT. For more guidance, get UPSC Courses for Government Job in India from Xpertify. We can help you with any civil service exam. Thank you for reading.

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