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How CSAT is getting dicier year by year?

Taking CSAT for granted is a big mistake. The importance of CSAT is high for UPSC Prelims. It’s a game-changer that needs equal attention. Therefore, you should take it seriously while preparing for UPSC Prelims. Your marks in CSAT can make or break your aspiration. In this blog, we will discuss why that is so.

Why should you take CSAT seriously?

It counts: CSAT is a qualifying paper. Your marks in it add to your prelims total. To pass, you need a minimum of 66 out of 200 marks. No matter how well you score in GS 1. If you fail the CSAT. You are out of the UPSC Prelims. It is one of the reasons to take it seriously.

You need the best Test Series for UPSC Preparation in India. It will help you clear CSAT with top marks.

It tests you very well: The CSAT is also called General Studies II. It tests your skills in the following areas.

  1. Communication.

  2. Comprehension.

  3. Logical reasoning.

  4. Interpersonal skills.

  5. Analytical ability.

  6. Decision making.

  7. Problem-solving.

  8. Mental ability.

  9. Basic numeracy.

  10. Data interpretation.

  11. English language comprehension.

It’s not an easy paper to write. So prepare as much as the mains for it. Take coaching and online classes. Read NCERT books. Overall, get as much help as you can. If you need help with it. You can get Test Series for PCS India.

This concludes why the CSAT is essential for UPSC Prelims. Hope you are preparing well for your exams. Need resources for UPSC? Visit our website for the best Multiple Courses on Civil Services. Xpertify can help you clear any civil service paper. We have the latest Test Series for UPSC Preparation in India. We wish you all the best.

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