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Fun Crazy Education

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Education and learning are the most important things to do in our lives. However, these get boring very fast, especially when preparing for examinations, because you have to learn the same things repetitively. Especially when preparing for government jobs such as the SSC Staff Selection Commission. When the aspirants are usually doing a job or business, learning during that phase of your life is extremely difficult because it has been a long time since you even touched a textbook. As a result, you go to sleep. However, we can still have some fun while learning. Make education fun and crazy. So whether you are a school, college student, or a Latest All India Government Job aspirant, here are some methods to make learning enjoyable.

Learning with mnemonics: Mnemonics, what are those, you ask? From a definition perspective, they are scientifically proven to understand methods. But in reality, they trigger your imagination. These are extensively helpful when learning a new language. For example, you can associate a Japanese character with a fun image to learn it faster.

Learn while singing: Bring out the inner singer within you. Do you remember how you easily learned your favorite song lyric by lyric when you sang along? Now it’s time to take that into your studies. It’s hilarious, but it works. For example, try singing out “the brain is responsible for bodily functions” next time you are studying biology.

Slow music to ease your brain: If you keep feeding boring information to your brain, it will soon get tired, and instead of memorizing concepts, you will be throwing things throw hollow cylinders. Play some slow music while learning so that your brain remains active.

Have fun: The thing is to have fun. You must have heard of fun learning. If that is not applicable in your school/college, implement it yourself with your friends. These are the golden days, make them the most memorable.

So these are some methods you can have fun with while learning. So use them next time to study better. We wish you all the best.

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