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Banita Dash, the Innovator Who Discovered an Asteroid – Bal Puraskar 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

About Banita Dash

The 16-year-old Banita Dash is an ordinary person like you and us. However, her achievements are extraordinary. This student from Navodaya Vidyalaya, Odisha, has a keen interest in astrophysics. Not only that, before she discovered the asteroid, she was already doing innovative things for students. We heard that she even created an automatic sanitizing bag for the students. How thoughtful? Most of the children her age haven’t even decided what they want to do in life. But her achievement is beyond words. We appreciate that.

Miss Banita also has interests in our traditional Pattachitras and plans to make some. We hope that she achieves it soon and all her dreams come true.

The discovery

Before she discovered the asteroid, no one knew her, but now she is a famous person. One day while using her equipment like usual, she discovered an asteroid. But that didn’t stop there. NASA of the United States of America later confirmed and validated it. We can learn from this discovery that if we are passionate about something, we will one day win the world.

What happened next?

On 24th January 2022, National Girl Child Day, 29 children from 21 states and UTs were given the Bal Puraskar Award for outstanding innovation, social service, scholastic, sports, art & culture, and bravery. Banita Dash is one of those excellent achievers, and her achievement is beyond extraordinary.

We hope that this story inspired you as much as it motivated us. Stories like this make us proud and inspire us never to give up. We hope your inspiration stays alive forever and you keep going no matter what.

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