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An introduction to adaptive learning at XPERTIFY

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Remember, when we are in school or college, our teacher adapts to our learning pace and level to teach us accordingly in the best way possible. However, adaptive learning is gone because the teacher doesn’t know you personally about online learning. You are not close to him physically. You can ask questions and get answers, but he doesn’t know what you are learning and what’s your progress? But what if it was also possible online? Now it is with XPERTIFY, where you can find Top Courses for UPSC preparation.

XPERTIFY has 20 levels from level 1 to 20 for all of your subjects. So for any topic, you are studying, select your level, and the app will adjust accordingly. If you don’t know your level yet, then try taking a quiz to find it out and select that level.

The app XPERTIFY will teach you as per your level; the questions, course material, badges, XP, and all those things will be there according to your understanding.

Flexible as you

We made XPERTIFY keeping in mind all the aspirants for government exams, from first-timers to those who have given it a few times and even experienced candidates. With extensive coding, we were able to achieve adaptive learning. This learning method does two things.

  • The level increases as you improve.

  • The level decreases when you are stuck for an answer, become slow, etc.

It is tracked with how well or poorly you do in quizzes and your standings in Leaderboards. The app adjusts to your learning pace and progress so that you can always prepare the best for your Latest All India Government Job exam. Plus, if you take the premium version, it gets even better.

So now that you know this feature, the next time you prepare for a government exam, you will be able to use our application to the best of your advantage, good luck.

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