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After tenth grade, do you want to pursue science? Things to keep in mind when making major decisions

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Science or Commerce? It is the hardest and biggest decision; students have to make after completing 10th grade. The stereotype that science gives more opportunities is nothing more than a myth nowadays. However, that’s off-topic. Today we will discuss what to keep in mind if you wish to pursue science after 10th class. Let’s begin.

Things to remember before pursuing science after 10th

Here are a few things to note before taking up the science stream in 11th grade. Please read them carefully.

Science is a practical subject: You might have already noticed that physics, chemistry, and biology in 10th are as practical as the IAS Indian Administrative Service or any other civil service. However, if you think you will get away from the experimental work on the 11th, you are wrong. The practice will be even more advanced, so you can choose science if you are up to it.

Career options in the science stream: You can now have a great career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) if you choose the science stream. Now, not only can you become a scientist, but there are career options beyond that, like data engineering, that bring various challenges. So if you love challenging careers, you should choose science after 10th.

Can you take the science stream without math?

Yes, you can. The science stream offers two subcategories PCM (physics, chemistry, and math) and PCB (physics, chemistry, and biology). The former is the non-medical stream, and the latter is the medical stream. If you wish to pursue science without mathematics, you should select PCB, which will open various career opportunities in the medical and healthcare sector.

Overall, the science stream after 10th is an excellent option if you want a career that presents opportunities to grow and keep becoming better.

So if you are also planning to take the science stream after the 10th, we wish you all the best.

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