Try XPERTIFY & rate the trial and the free features

Are you preparing for the Latest All India Government Job exam? Studying for these exams is not easy as the competition is high, and the syllabus is also very tough. To help you prepare for exams such as IPS (Indian Police Service), we have made XPERTIFY. This exam preparation portal enables you to crack Indian government job exams with merit. The site is also available as an app for android and IOS.

After registering on the app, you can take a free trial and use some free features. Here are its free features:

Multiple courses: The app offers multiple courses for government jobs for aspirants appearing for civil service exams. The app has the Best UPPCS and MPPCS courses available to help you prepare. So whatever exam you are giving, the app has the best course material for you.

Twenty different levels: The portal covers all the subjects with 20 levels. Start at yours today. Due to its adaptive learning, it increases and decreases as you improve or have a problem learning.

Make and challenge: The app offers a challenge mode, where you can befriend others like you, who are appearing for a government exam, challenge them and see your performances.

Quizzes: Take quick timed quizzes to test how much you have learned and earn XP points. You can use them to unlock premium content on XPERTIFY. You can also win badges.

Leaderboards: Leaderboards help you keep track of your progress. Check how you are doing. Compare your scores with others and get inspired to do better. The app has national and state-level Leaderboards for maximum fluency.

Have you tried XPERTIFY? If not, try it today, and rate its free trial and free features. You can also give feedback. It helps us a lot to improve, wishing you success and good luck with all your exams.

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