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Together, we can embrace the new normal

Two years ago, a pandemic shook this world, a lockdown was initiated, and the world stopped. However, there was one thing we never lost: hope, the hope that became our strength to accept and live with the new normal.

Even today, when the lockdown has been completely lifted, and the government has allowed us to go out in public, we are still responsible for our safety against the coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic. Therefore, unless it is completely erased, we must follow all the guidelines. These include wearing your mask covering your nose and mouth, sanitizing your hands from time to time, maintaining minimum contact, maintaining physical distance, and only going to essential places.

You should also avoid going out as much as possible. There are apps for everything these days, from groceries, home delivery, essential services, and everything in between, making it convenient for you in the new normal.

Please pay attention to the keywords above, as they will decide your safety, especially going to essential places. For example, students need to avoid going to classes for exam preparation for exams such as SSC Staff Selection Commission, IPS (Indian Police Service), PCS Provincial Civil Services, IAS Indian Administrative Service, or any Latest All India Government Job exam.

Please take as much online learning as possible to stay safe. We never wanted it, but the pandemic has become the new normal, and together, we must, and we will embrace it till it’s gone, stay safe, take all the precautions, and stay indoors as much as possible.

We hope that you remain safe, and we can one day get back to our everyday fearless and free life without any guidelines restricting us from freely doing the things we love. Till then, we wish you the strength to embrace and live safely with the new normal.

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