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How It All Started

I was an avid reader/student and most of all a great learner. I was good at concentrating on my study material. It never used to take more than a couple of days for me to finish any topic in my textbooks.

If all was good, then what troubled me

Education is another planet in itself. You could go lost and never be able to come out of it. To survive that, you need to be very structured and planned. As I had already said above -

I could finish any topic in a couple of days. Likewise, it never took more than a couple of days for that topic to slip away from my mind. For retaining knowledge, you need practice, practice, practice and more practice

So, as a student, I always wanted to practice the topic that I had studied last so as to retain that knowledge. It was so hard to get that content that it became next to impossible to study with satisfaction. Many times I got frustrated with myself after I saw myself forgetting simple things after a few days. This started showing up in my confidence & low morale. I used to think even after studying everything in this universe, how am I so low in my confidence. I used to answer questions with hesitation.

During exams, there was always that fear of expecting the unexpected in the exam. I always found myself struggling during and after exams. You always have the weight of the time that you spend studying on yourself. You have to be very productive in that sense. If you have given 60% of your day to study something, you should be able to retain it for a few years in my expectation.

With that in mind, I now thought of creating a solution around this problem so that the time students are investing does make sense and they do not stare blindly at the vast course and the subjects.

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